Research Scientist, Calibra (Blockchain)

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About Calibra

Calibra is building a hub of financial services, products and solutions that connect everyone, everywhere, creating greater opportunity for all. Its technical foundation is the open-sourced Libra blockchain network. Libra’s mission is to create a simple, borderless global currency and financial ecosystem that empowers billions of people. Calibra Research is the research arm of Calibra, and is of great importance due to the cutting-edge nature of the technical challenges and Calibra’s openness to scrutiny. Calibra is seeking a Research Scientist to join Calibra Research. The research organization aims to support the production of Calibra technology and to broadly impact the field of crypto-economics and blockchain systems. Individuals in this role are expected to be recognized experts in research areas such as distributed systems, networking, storage, program verification, programming languages, cryptography, security, game-theory of economics and privacy-enhancing technologies. The ideal candidate will have a keen interest in producing new science to advance the interdisciplinary fields of blockchain and cryptocurrency, as well as supporting the productization of their results. To learn more about our research visit (


  • Conduct research to advance the state of the art in blockchain and cryptoeconomics
  • Contribute research that is relevant and can be applied to Calibra product development
  • Engage and collaborate with the research community within and outside of Calibra
  • Collaborate on research projects as part of a global team

Minimum Qualifications

  • Currently holding an academic, industrial, or government research position
  • A Ph.D. and/or publication track-record in distributed systems, networking, storage, formal verification, programming language, cryptography, security, privacy-enhancing technologies, or related technical fields
  • Experience in theoretical and empirical research geared towards industrial impact
  • Experience communicating research results in writing and for public audiences of peers

Preferred Qualifications

  • 1+ year(s) of work experience within academia, industry, or government lab(s), in a role with primary emphasis on relevant fields